Recreational Real Estate 

The mission of Wildlife Land & Resource Managementís real estate division is to help outdoor enthusiasts locate, buy or sell land for recreational use and investment purposes.As dedicated land stewards, WLRM understands the importance of not just buying acreage, but acquiring the correct property.Your purchase should not only fulfill your current needs, but should also provide potential to increase value through proper management.Following are points to consider when we assist you in your acquisition or sale:††



Acquisition of Recreational Land

The purchase of recreational lands can present different challenges.Availability of desirable properties is limited while demand is increasing.WLRM can locate properties that will fill the needs and dreams of those who are avid hunters or those who are simply looking for weekend retreats.


Identification of Habitat Potential

Every recreational property has unique characteristics.WLRM professionals can not only classify existing habitat, but can also identify potential improvements.Utilizing a wildlife habitat scoring system, WLRM will determine if a particular property is capable of satisfying a clientís objectives.


Identifying Habitat


Assistance with Potential Cost

Reducing Opportunities

Several state and federal programs such as CRP, WRP and Classified Habitat can influence the affordability of a recreational property.WLRM can help determine eligibility for enrollment.We can also assess timber values or agricultural potential which can have an impact on a purchase.


Development and Implementation

of Management Plans

Once a property is purchased, WLRM professionals can assist with the development of a wildlife habitat management plan to meet your goals.We can also provide such services as planting trees, prairie grasses and food plots with potential cost share assistance to implement your habitat plan.A properly executed plan can dramatically increase the value of your investment.



Ideal Waterfowl Habitat


Marketing Recreational Properties

WRLM can market your property to a large audience of recreation minded prospective buyers.We will highlight existing recreational opportunities and help provide a vision of potential improvements.

Marketing Recreational


Assistance with Recreational Leasing

If a sale of your property is not your goal, WLRM can assist you in obtaining additional income though recreational leasing.


Flock of Turkeys

Successful Turkey Hunter